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As the national benchmarking club for social landlords in Scotland you can learn about our history at About Us and our work at What We Do if you would like to know more.


You can also find outputs on our publications page.

Our projects

Information about our specific projects can be found here.  The majority of our project outputs are produced solely for the benefit of our member organisations therefore not publically available. However, we do deliver a number of projects where the outputs are available to all.


If you are interested in our work and would like more information - you can read our Annual Report at About Us pages or get in touch using our contact form.


The theme for this year’s AGM is ‘We are one’. This is to reflect that it has been one year since we launched our new name and brand. It is also to acknowledge that the housing sector, more than ever is working together as one with social care, health and all agencies to improve the health and wellbeing for tenants and service users. In keeping with the theme we are delighted that Neil Hamlet, Consultant in Public Health and Douglas Robertson, Professor at Stirling University will deliver keynote speeches.

Seminar Agenda.pdf
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The Latest from Scotland's Housing Network


Value for Money model launched  *NEW*


Thank you to everyone who came to speak to us at our stand during the CIH Scotland Conference a fortnight ago. It was fantastic to see so many of you and we hope we you found it as beneficial as we did and that you managed to get your hands on some of our sweeties!


We officially launched our Value for Money model at the Conference and we are confident that members will benfit greatly from this.



The VFM model is based on the collective assessment of Performance, Customer Opinion and Costs. Our model is straightforward to complete but provides powerful insight into how an organisation’s costs can  impact on their performance results. The added value is that members can benchmark their results within the Network and have enough detail to draw meaningful comparisons or explain differences.


The Conference also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our new business intelligence tool which will replace the current Benchmarking Query Tool in the coming months. Using this powerful and interactive analysis tool, landlords can produce their own bespoke reports in a range of formats to suit their needs.

Supporting Syrian Refugee families





As SHN members continue to take receipt of Syrian refugee families and offer them rehousing within their communities, the Network organised a second Forum meeting specifically designed to support members in overcoming the challenges of resettlement and integration.


This Forum meeting heard from staff and refugee volunteers from Maryhill Integration Network, which has been supporting refugees in Scotland since 2001. Members present heard at first hand the challenges faced by refugees from Syria in seeking opportunities to settle, learn and work in Scotland. They also showed a brief film which explains the feelings many refugees have on first arriving in a new country. The film can be viewed here.


Members decided that the issue of refugee resettlement and integration should continue to be covered as a regular agenda item at future meetings of SHN Forums following these two meetings that had had a specific focus on refugees.


For copies of the presentations and reports of the two Resettlement and Integration Forums, please contact tim.pogson@scotlandshousingnetwork.


The HRA tenants' framework


This framework has been developed in conjunction with tenants drawn from SHN's membership and the national regional networks.  It is designed to be used by tenants (including those who have not been involved before) and landlords to support the operation of the HRA. 


The framework has three elements: 

  1. Information sheets covering: introduction to the HRA guidance; legislation around consultation and communication and different self-assessment frameworks (booklet 1).
  2. Fact finding sheets to support learning about how their landlord: gathers tenants’ views; writes down cost processes and makes sure that the operation of the HRA benefits tenants (booklet 1).
  3. A self-assessment booklet of criteria and checklists (booklet 2).


There are different ways to use the PDFs: print them out and use as a guide for discussions and framing a self-assessment; complete them on your computer (both booklets have interactive formats), and save them to inform your reporting processes.


HRA Guidance Interactive Booklet 1 - Building knowledge and fact finding
HRA Guidance Interactive Booklet 1 Build[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [169.2 KB]
HRA Guidance Interactive Booklet 2 - Self Assessment
HRA Guidance Interactive Booklet 2 Self [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [139.5 KB]

How to Self Assess (½ day training)


Thursday 24th March, Edinburgh / Wednesday 30 March, Glasgow


Based on the self assessment frameworks available at the Scotland’s Housing Network member self assessment website, this free half-day training session will provide step-by-step support to conducting self assessment performance improvement activities within your own organisation. Based on the three key stages of effective self assessment, preparation, assessment and action planning, delegates will have the opportunity to learn:


  • the contribution that self assessment can make to organisational performance improvement;


  • how to maximise the value derived from the activity by taking as creative an approach as possible and


  • how to make sure that the outcomes are securely embedded in the organisation’s future processes and practices.


Delegates will be encouraged to develop real-world practice examples during the training session.


This course is designed for members who are new to managing self assessment activities or relatively inexperienced.


The training is free to SHN members and can be delivered for a group of staff within one member organisation if that would be beneficial.


To reserve your place contact tim.pogson@scotlandshousingnetwork.org.

For more information, click the link below.


How to self assess - Course text and programme
course text and programme.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [314.7 KB]


Validation Service


The Regulator has emphasised that it is the landlord's responsibility to submit accurate data.  Why not take steps now to ensure the accuracy of future ARC returns by having validation of your data?  We can validate a range of indicators to suit your requirements and produce a report setting out findings and how any issues might be rectified.


For more information on this service, please email us or call on 0131 240 5227.

Developing Housing Contribution Statements


On behalf of the Joint Improvement Team (JIT), Scotland’s Housing Network hosted a Health and Social Care Integration National Practice Seminar on Developing Housing Contribution Statements. The event took place on 10 December in Glasgow and covered all aspects of the Housing Contribution Statement. The presentations from the seminar can now be downloaded from the Health and Social Care presentations page.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Self Assessment Review of its Temporary Accommodation

10 November 2015


Argyll and Bute Council reviewed its provision and scheme of charges for temporary accommodation, starting with a baseline report that was presented in 2013. This review was prompted by a recognition that temporary accommodation provision was not necessarily best matched with demand and also to consider whether the charging policy offered efficiency and affordability.


View the full document below.




Argyll and Bute Council’s Self Assessment Review of its Temporary Accommodation
Argyll and Bute case study.pdf
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SHBVN Annual General Meeting 2015

1 October 2015


This year SHBVN celebrates two decades of work with our members. During our AGM we will look forward to the important issues of the next decade.



The Annual Report is now available.



Annual Report 2014-2015
Our annual report for 2014-2015 was launched at our AGM on 1 October, it is avialble to download here.
SHBVN AR 1415.pdf
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Brand new self assessment website


We are delighted to launch a new website resource for all SHBVN members! Staff will be able to create, edit, save, download and print all their self assessment records from one central point.


The website includes a number of frameworks, all related to the Charter, which members can use to assess their performance. The frameworks are flexible and users can conduct one or all of the steps within any of the self-assessment frameworks.


This great new tool is FREE to all SHBVN members!


For more information, please get in touch with Andrew Smith.

CIH Housing & Dementia Programme


Arneil Johnston, independent housing consultancy, have been commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Housing to conduct research for the second phase of their successful Housing and Dementia Programme.  This second phase will focus on improving links between housing organisations and partners in health, social care and the third sector, with a specific focus on the role of the housing professional in meeting the needs of those living with dementia.

As part of this research, Arneil Johnston are hosting a series of stakeholder events throughout the summer with a specific focus on:

  • Multi-agency process mapping - examining key interactions, processes and pathways (July 2016);
  • Examining the role of the housing professional in dementia pathways (August/September 2016); and
  • Housing’s role in building awareness and acceptance of dementia (October 2016).

We would encourage housing staff who have a particular interest in housing and dementia issues to attend these events, as well as those who can share examples of positive practice.
These events are an excellent opportunity to share practice, examine how to maximise collaboration and joint working and to access the latest innovation and research in the area of housing and dementia.

For Full details click here.

If you would be willing to participate in these events, please get in touch with Arneil Johnston directly on the following details:

Jessica Meek (Housing Analyst Consultant)
Email:  JMeek@arneil-johnston.co.uk
Telephone:  01698 244685

CIH Housing & Dementia Programme
CIH Housing Dementia Programme.pdf
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